About us

Welcome to Copperwheat Media. We’re a small production team, passionate about helping organisations who want to make a difference in the world, however small that might be. 

As our team has over two decades of experience in media production,  healthcare, counselling / mental health, performance, marketing, learning and development, we are well placed to bring a unique and fresh perspective to help organisations express the heart in their project and create long lasting impact.

Both our experience and inquisitive nature, give us the ability to work alongside you every step of the way, not only to create beautiful content, but to help you discover, craft and develop impactful stories that bring your vision to life.

To know more about what to expect when working with us, read our manifesto. 


What do we do?

  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Post production
  • Podcasts
  • Learning and development


Jamie Copperwheat



I’m Jamie, and I started Copperwheat Films in 2016 after working for almost 10 years in a Children’s Bereavement and Mental Health service. My time there was filled with hearing hundreds of people’s stories of loss, struggle, and hope. I eventually started capturing some of these stories on camera and instantly saw the power that sharing them had on other people going through similar situations.


I’d always loved making films since I was a child, and the process of taking an idea and bringing it to life had always fascinated me. And now, in sharing the stories of the people I’d worked with,  I found a way of making films that had a bit more meaningful than the homemade Spiderman movies I used to bribe my brothers into helping me with in my back garden as a child.


After a while of making these films, I decided to take the plunge and make videos full-time. I found that I also loved taking other people’s ideas too and helping them create something tangible too.


Seven years later, Copperwheat Films has evolved into Copperwheat Media and we’re committed to continuing to make content that has a heart and a message, and that makes a difference for both individuals and businesses.


When I’m not busy making films, I love nothing more than getting away with a rucksack, cooking over a fire, and tucking up into a cold tent in the middle of nowhere. And if I can take my camera with me, it’s even better!

Phil mardlin

Operations and Learning and Development lead


Hi there.  I’m Phil and joined forces with Jamie at the start of Copperwheat Media’s adventure in 2022. 


I come with knowledge of the NHS, having worked for a number of years as a children’s cancer nurse in the NHS.  I then worked in Higher Education training Children’s Nursing before having an early mid-life crisis to chase the dream of being an actor. 


I ran my own theatre company for ten years creating artistic work and developing management and leadership programmes using forum theatre to bring challenges that organisations face to life. 


In 2021 I also trained as a transformational coach and utilise those skills in the work we do now to empower clients and organisations in growth and development. 


As well as being an adventurer and explorer, often being found hiking or on my paddleboard on a river somewhere, I also love to write.  I am passionate about storytelling and if I can combine that with coffee and good cake, I’m pretty much winning at life.




Hey, I’m Josh and I have worked with Copperwheat Media from the Copperwheat Films days. I bring a decade of experience in capturing beautiful images for a wide range of clients & projects.

Over used but the famous quote “A picture tells a thousand words” really is true. Taking a picture that captures the essence of a moment and tells a compelling visual story is something I never tire of.


Whether it’s a portrait, event or corporate photography shoot, I love to tell a story with my images using the technical & creative skills I’ve acquired over my years as a freelancer.

When not glued to the camera there’s nothing I enjoy more than being outdoors either on the golf course or paddle boarding.

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