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We’ve over 10 years experience in creating powerful video content for pubs, hotels, resorts and holiday venues.

What we do

We understand that with many holiday properties to choose from on the market, you need yours to stand out.  We also know that people buy the story, not the product, and that’s true for your holiday property too.  
We bring our curiosity and inquisitive nature to help you harness the story of your property and tell it, alongside showcasing the property and its surrounding area.  

some of the things we do

Our work

Our aim is really simple; we want to produce beautiful videos that really show off your holiday venue to potential guests.  
Whether you own a holiday park, holiday home, villa, resort, caravan site, cottage or hotel we help you showcase your venue and business to prospective clients – leading to increased bookings.  We pride ourselves on really getting to know you and your holiday venue to make sure you can showcase those special things that make your holiday venue unique.
We’ll also make sure you have the raw footage in an organised library for you to use for future social media posts.  

Examples of our work


Holiday homes, cottages and parks

Pubs and restaurants

Walkthroughs and tours

Why work with us?

We’ve been working with hotels, pubs, restaurants and holiday venues for over 10 years now and we like to think we know what we’re doing. 

It’s one thing to be able to make something look nice but another to capture a story that will excite potential guests to book with you. Because we love a good holiday too, we know what to capture to really inspire guests.

One of things that we think is really important is getting out and about and showing what guests will experience on a holiday with you outside of just their room or hotel.


Where are the nearest shops? What’s the local beach like? Where can I go out for the day? Giving people a good idea of what their holiday experience will actually be like is key for us.

Every holiday venue is unique and you know it better than anyone. Whilst we’ll have our ideas of what we’d like to capture, we’ll spend time understanding what you love about your venue and those special little things that make it unique.

So often in filming projects, hours of content has been captured and only a few minute video created. We think this is a waste. We’ll collate and deliver a library of clips that we’ve shot throughout the filming process that you can continue to use for social media long after we’ve gone.

We all know how temperamental the British weather can be and even the most beautiful of holiday venues don’t look their best in torrential rain!  We normally book out 2 days with you, allowing us time to dodge the downpours and shoot things when the weather improves.  

Working on a video project with an unknown video team might feel really daunting. We get that and will do all we can to make the process a fun and stress free one. We’re normal people who just love what we do so there’ll be no highly strung , stressy, huge production team here!

Want to show off your beautiful venue?

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